Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mseal work on wood

Hello friends,

Finally I'm Back !!!
After almost a year I am blogging now.
Now finally back in action.
I hope you all would like this one.
I just got a wood cutting and thinking what to do on this. And finally got idea to work with mseal and started doing this and it came out perfect.
Feel free to share your comments and suggestion.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy crafting !


  1. hi, i m nandhini. jus started to do murals. Wanted to know how to create textures with whitening powder. can u let me know how to create different textures

  2. Hi Nandini, You just apply whitening powder paste on your base object like MDF/Ply. Then use your fingers,spoon,fork, comb anything to give texture. Simply tapping your fingers will itself give very nice texture. Hope it will be useful for you.