Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY :Make valentine gift- Beautiful Red Roses

Hello people,

It's never too late to wish a very happy new year to all of you.
Wishing you a very healthy,wealthy and prosperous new year and wish I do a lot of crafting this year and share much more with you.
Following new year let's prepare something special for your valentine.
Yess, I am talking about Valentine day special red roses.

Here I am sharing a method to make beautiful roses from stoking.

For that you will need,

  • Stoking (color of your choice)
  • Thin wires(silver, golden or color matching with stoking)
  • Thick wire(to make stem of flower)
  • Thread(to tie petals with wire)
  • Green tape
  • Scissor
  • Wire cutter
  • Some round tools to fold wires
You can see above things in the picture below.

 I have got long pipes cut into small pieces to make different round shape wires. You can use any round shape tools you have at your home i.e. round cap of a small bottles etc.
Step 1: Roll wire around the round tool you are using to make petals. Cut wire into atlease 4-5 small, 7-8 medium sized  and 8-10 large sized rounds. Make sure you have twist ends of wire prperly so that it remain in round shape. Make 6 leaves per one flower.

Step 2: Now hold one end of stoking with the twisted part of wire and stretch stoking with the other hand and cover both sides of wire and form a petal. Repeat this for each petal and leaf.

 Step3: Arrange all the petals and leaves in one stem as shown in picture below. Make sure smallest petals comes inside the flower and largest are outside.

 Step 4: Hide all the joints and stem wire with green tape and give all the petals a proper shape of a rose petals.

And here is the bunch of red roses.

This is how I arrange all of them in vase.
 Herewith I am sharing one video for your reference.

Thank you so much for reading my post.
Thanks for your love and support.

Happy valentine's day in advance.
Happy crafting !